The BICEPS Rating System is an instrument that is used by the shippers/members of the Network in their global procurement processes of ocean freight container carriers. The BICEPS Rating System ranks all the global ocean container carriers from A to F on their sustainability performances. 

Basic principles of the Rating System

  • Online web-based rating system of all Ocean Freight Carriers 
  • Easy to use (no administrative burden)
  • Always up-to-date by actual data from carriers
  • Dynamic system – continuously updated ranking of carriers based on all latest input
  • Full transparency on rating/scoring for shipping lines and for shipping
  • Validation process in place to validate input
  • Much more than just CO2 emissions, also progress on innovations

The members (shippers) of the network have access to the online rating system for their global freight procurement processes. 

BICEPS members are committed to apply the BICEPS rating system in carrier selection for ocean freight. 

What is the Rating System about?

The Rating System qualifies the ocean carriers on their performance on five relevant themes for their sustainable and effective shipping operations. 

Five themes: 

1 – Publications of sustainability information
2 – Actual emission scores and targets, and certification schemes
3 – Innovations & improvement projects (with the current status of the projects)
4 – Collaboration of the carrier with the outside world
5 – Long term horizon in relation to sustainability 

The BICEPS Rating System ranks the carriers from A to F based on their scores of the online questionnaire.  

The BICEPS Rating System has a relative scoring mechanism. This means mean that the scoring of carriers is always relative to the other carriers. If a carrier updates his input on sustainable performances in the rating system, and the Rating System calculates a new ranking then this carrier may get a higher ranking. At the same time, due to the improved input, other carriers may move to a lower ranking automatically.  

“The output of the BICEPS Rating system is not the end but just the beginning….” 

The BICEPS Rating System motivates carriers to implement improvements in their operations to get a better ranking. Carriers will update their profile at least annually, but as fast as they have better inputs to share. 

The shippers in the BICEPS Network will use the BICEPS Rating System in their selection of carriers for their shipments of goods. 

The importance of the BICEPS rating system for shippers and carriers are:  


  • Input for making sustainable carrier selections by shippers:
  • Based on facts & figures
  • …and much more than just CO2 emissions
  • Input for innovation workshops between carriers and shippers
  • Input for shipping lines:
  • Relative positioning between other carriers
  • Improvement areas in their sustainable performances
  • Input for meetings with shipping lines by shippers:
  • Constructive dialogue with corporate sustainability departments
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Access the BICEPS Rating System

Access to the BICEPS Rating System

Only BICEPS Members and ocean carriers will be able to access the Rating System.

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