History of origins


History of origins of BICEPS Network

The BICEPS Network was established by a group of supply chain managers in 2014. The founders were at that time already involved in realizing sustainable logistics in their supply chain, especially on inland logistics with company-based programs and with (inter)national supportive programs. These managers were mostly supported in their companies with a progressive strategy and commitment on reducing GHG emission in their operations and in their whole supply chain and logistics. 

However, ocean shipping had no supportive program for sustainable shipping from the shipper’s perspective, which could support the sustainable supply chain strategy for these managers in ocean freight. 

Even though some carriers were taking measures already on their own behalf, shippers were convinced a further push would be needed, to stimulate sustainable shipping from the procurement role. 

They also were aware that as a single shipper you will have little influence to stimulate global ocean carriers to improve their sustainability performances. They recognized the need to collaborate with other shippers in driving a sustainable change. They also analyzed that lots of good and promising sustainable innovations were already developed, but none were taken up by the shipping companies.

Cargo ship

In 2014, a dedicated inspiration event about sustainable shipping was organized with a room filled with international shippers, several international shipping NGO’s and platforms, and also several international solutions providers with sustainable innovations for shipping, the reasons to start the BICEPS Network came out clearly.  

These were:  

  1. Need for collaboration of shippers to drive change with the power of demand, 
  2. Need for support of sustainable innovations to be adopted (more quickly) on commercial scale in ocean shipping

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