BICEPS:  Boosting Initiatives for Collaborative Emission-reduction with the Power of Shippers

The BICEPS Network is a network of shippers joining forces to accelerate the transition in the global shipping sector towards more sustainability.

Our mission is to boost initiatives and create momentum for the implementation of sustainability solutions in the shipping sector by using the power of demand of shippers.

The BICEPS Network activities to reach our goals are:

  • Creating a network of shippers, and committed partners who want to make a difference in sustainability.
  • Applying the BICEPS Rating System in the shipper’s global procurement processes taking the actual sustainability performance of the ocean freight container carriers into account.
  • Organizing events and workshops to stimulate an active dialogue between shippers and carriers and other chain partners.
  • Creating awareness of successful cleaner technologies and innovations.
  • Connecting parties to leverage on best practices in creating sustainable supply chains.
  • Stimulating an innovative sustainable eco-system in shipping and supply  chains; by giving innovations the opportunity to challenge the 'market-fit' of their products and services, and supporting the matching for innovations with clients and investors to up-scale developments. 


The BICEPS Network will, in collaboration with the sector chain partners, create impact in: the reduction of emissions of CO2, sulphur and black carbon, the treatment of (on-board) waste, the biodiversity impact of ballast water, the end-of-life cycle programs for vessels.

BICEPS Network Foundation

“Creating demand by collaboration of shippers is a powerful mechanism to speed up sustainable development and innovations in supply chains. With the BICEPS Network we aim to create a breakthrough in sustainable shipping.”

Almatis, Martina Grossi, Global Logistics Manager

“At Almatis, we are convinced that corporate social responsibility and sustainability will make the world a better place for the next generations to follow.Collaboration with the BICEPS Network supports our efforts along the way.”

DSM, Kim van Neer, Category Manager Global Distribution

“Joining the BICEPS Network allows us to collaborate with other shippers and jointly drive sustainability initiatives in the shipping industry: together we can do so much more”

Elkem AS, Ellen Groeneveld, Managing Director

“In Elkem, we believe that environmentally responsible production and logistics of our materials is the only way forward. Together with the other BICEPS members we can make a pro-active difference in making the logistics industry more sustainable.”

Farm Frites, Johan van der Zande, COO

“Farm Frites aims to actively contribute to a dialogue with colleague shippers to combine, share and above all apply existing and new knowledge in order to achieve a sustainable supply chain and logistics operation, giving an impulse to the global shipping industry.”

FrieslandCampina, Walter Vermeer, Manager Category Procurement Logistics

“FrieslandCampina is working on impact reduction in every step in our grass-to-glass supply chain to realize climate neutral growth. Our participation in the BICEPS-network is our means to also adding greener ocean shipping into our scope.”

Huntsman, Johan Wittekoek, Purchasing Manager Transport and Warehousing

“We at Huntsman manage our operations to protect the environment from any possible impacts and are pleased to collaborate with service providers and industry partners to reduce the undesired impacts of marine logistics.”

Pure Birds, Coen Faber, Impact Driven Entrepreneur

“As Pure Birds we initiate these connections of collaborations in supply chains to create more sustainable change and innovations. And in shipping is a need to develop this to realize more impact.”

“At Corbion, we exist to champion preservation in all its forms, preserving food and food production, health, and our planet. This isn’t about maintaining the status quo; it’s about finding new ways of operating in a changing environment. It’s about empowering one another, and the world, to do more with less.

This fits the BICEPS Network. We continuously working on the selected SDG's and out SBT's. Even Ocean Freight is only 1% of our total Co2 emission, we still want to work on this 1%. .”

Corbion, Simon Man, Procurement Category Manager