‘’The BICEPS Network of global shippers who drive decarbonization of ocean shipping with the power of demand’’

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The BICEPS Network is a network of global shippers (cargo owners) joining forces to accelerate the decarbonization of ocean shipping. 

We use the power of demand via our global procurement processes to stimulate and reward ocean carriers to take action in the implementation of sustainability solutions. We accelerate the dialogue between relevant actors in the chain to boost adoption of market-ready sustainable innovations in the shipping sector. 

Our objectives

  1.  The shippers in the network team-up to organize the power of demand for sustainable improvements in ocean shipping.
    The BICEPS Network has developed a Rating System which ranks the ocean carriers on their sustainability performance. This Rating System supports decision making in the shippers’ global ocean freight procurement processes, by taking sustainability into account. 
  2.  The BICEPS Network aims to boost innovations in the shipping chain. By organizing an active dialogue between supply and demand, we stimulate and accelerate the scaling up of market-ready innovations and sustainable initiatives. The focus is on boosting the pilot to market uptake (showcases), which will contribute significantly to sustainable improvements in and by the shipping industry.
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About us

The network is an initiative by global shippers/cargo owners who collaborate in stimulating ocean carriers to move faster in adopting sustainable practices in their operations.  

The network consists out of the members of international shipper’s companies, the global supply chain managers and global ocean freight procurement buyers. They work together in defining the goals and actions of the network. They meet quarterly to define impact actions and exchange best practices. 

The mission of the BICEPS Network is to boost the decarbonization of shipping by Boosting Initiatives for Collaborative Emissions reduction with the Power of Shippers (BICEPS). 

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