How will we realize impact?

We consider the total supply chain, from raw materials to production and finally to (end-) consumers, with a focus on realizing sustainable port-port connections further supported by a sustainable inland network. The BICEPS Network is a demand-driven global network to drive sustainable change in the shipping sector by integrating sustainability in their procurement process.


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We believe we can realize this by:

  • Collaboration of shippers: to organize the power of demand for sustainable change in ocean shipping. The objective is to establish a global network of shippers with sufficient volume in the market to exert influence and drive change.
  • Accelerating and scaling up market innovations and sustainable initiatives: through an active dialogue between supply and demand of shippers with carriers, ship owners, chain partners and solutions providers. In addition, by developing, facilitating, and disseminating 10-15 showcases, which will contribute significantly to sustainable improvements in and by the shipping industry.

“By joining hands with other shippers, we can use the power of demand for improvements in the right direction.”

Who are participating in the network? 

The member companies in the Network are represented by their global supply chain or ocean freight procurement managers. The trend of sustainability is moving towards improving sustainability in the whole value chain instead of improving only elements of the value chain. In most of the BICEPS companies sustainability is one of the core values. 

The companies have a progressive strategy and commitment on reducing GHG emission in their operations and in their whole supply chain, in which is also included their ocean freight logistics. 

Via the BICEPS Network the global supply chain managers are working together on stimulating greener ocean shipping lanes. 

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How will the BICEPS Network create impact in decarbonization of shipping? 

The BICEPS Network and its members organize activities to jointly reach our goal: 

  • Broadening the global network of shippers and committed partners who want to make a difference in sustainability. 
  • Applying the BICEPS Rating System in the shipper’s global procurement processes, taking the actual sustainability performance of the ocean freight carriers into account. 
  • Organizing sessions and workshops to stimulate an active dialogue between shippers and carriers and other chain partners. 
  • Creating awareness of successful cleaner technologies and innovations. 
  • Connecting parties to leverage on best practices in creating sustainable supply chains. 
  • Stimulating an innovative sustainable eco-system in shipping and supply chains; by giving innovations the opportunity to challenge the ‘market-fit’ of their products and services and supporting the matching for innovations with clients and investors to up-scale developments. 


The BICEPS Network consists out of global shippers/cargo owners, which are represented by their procurement logistics managers or supply managers. 

Walter Vermeer

Head of Logistics Procurement
Bram Thuis

Bram Thuis

Category Manager Global Logistics
Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar

LC Packaging
Supply Chain Manager
Michiel Brokke

Michiel Brokke

Farm Frites
Manager Global Forwarding
Ivonne Stange

Ivonne Stange

Logistics Manager Europe
Danny bergakker

Danny Bergakker

Manager Container Traffic
Rico van Rijsbergen

Rico van Rijsbergen

Vion Food Group
Senior Buyer Logistics
Simon Man

Simon Man

Procurement Category Manager
Fabian Vuik

Fabian Vuik

Lamb Weston / Meijer
Manager Logistics
Coen Faber

Coen Faber

BICEPS Network
Coordinator BICEPS Network