What are the ambitions of your company with respect to sustainability and logistics? And how do the BICEPS Network objectives contribute to that goal? 

Do you want to drive decarbonization of shipping for more sustainable supply chains? 

Join the BICEPS Network to work together to create impact! 


The members of the BICEPS Network are the shippers of cargo freight. They are convinced that by joining forces with other shippers they can really have an impact and contribute to a more sustainable shipping industry. 

As a member you will be granted full access to the BICEPS Rating System which will provide you with clear insights in the sustainability rating of ocean freight container shipping lines. It will serve as a strong tool for integrating sustainability into your logistic procurement process. At the same time, being part of the network allows you to share and develop best practices with other shippers and take part in a joint dialogue with shipping lines and/or other supply chain partners to boost sustainability initiatives within the shipping industry.  

You will co-design the quarterly meetings and innovation sessions. 

The members of the BICEPS Network support the development and organization of the activities of the Network with a small annual fee. 


Partners share our passion on sustainability and support the goal and ambitions of the BICEPS Network. With their experience, knowledge and/or products and services, they help accelerate the adoptions of innovations to get to more sustainable shipping. 

With partners, the BICEPS Network actively engages to develop pilots or projects to drive the adoption of innovations in the shipping sector. We believe that by organizing coalitions of the willing with proactive actors, we can design and implement impactful showcases of sustainable solutions, products or services. These projects will be temporary coalitions in which an adoption of an innovation is initiated and guided, organized via small group sessions. 

Proactive actors in the shipping sector are invited to collaborate in temporary engagement with the BICEPS Network in projects or pilots to create momentum for the adoption of a sustainable innovation in shipping.  For this temporary coalition a contribution (financially or in-kind) can be asked to support the development and organization of it. 

Shippers who share the ambition of the Network and are committed to a more sustainable shipping industry are welcome to join!” 

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“At Almatis, we are convinced that corporate social responsibility and sustainability will make the world a better place for the next generations to follow. Collaboration with the BICEPS Network supports our efforts along the way.”

Almatis, Martina Grossi, Global Logistics Manager

“Joining the BICEPS Network allows us to collaborate with other shippers and jointly drive sustainability initiatives in the shipping industry: together we can do so much more”

DSM, Bram Thuis, Category Manager Global Distribution

“In Elkem, we believe that environmentally responsible production and logistics of our materials is the only way forward. Together with the other BICEPS members we can make a pro-active difference in making the logistics industry more sustainable.”

Elkem AS, Ellen Groeneveld, Managing Director

“Farm Frites aims to actively contribute to a dialogue with colleague shippers to combine, share and above all apply existing and new knowledge in order to achieve a sustainable supply chain and logistics operation, giving an impulse to the global shipping industry.”

Farm Frites, Johan van der Zande, COO

“FrieslandCampina is working on impact reduction in every step in our grass-to-glass supply chain to realize climate neutral growth. Our participation in the BICEPS-network is our means to also adding greener ocean shipping into our scope.”

FrieslandCampina, Walter Vermeer, Head of Logistics Procurement

“Being a leading actor in the food supply chain comes with a responsibility that is not limited to animal welfare or traceability of products but requires attention in every field. Hence, sustainability initiatives such as BICEPS have our full support.”

Vion Food Group, Rico van Rijsbergen, Senior Buyer Logistics

“We actively look for opportunities to reduce our environmental impact, by implementing energy efficiency projects, and through close collaboration on new concepts with our customers and logistical partners. The BICEPS network initiative will give us new insights to reduce the CO2 emission and to raise the sustainability bar in the chain.”

Lamb Weston / Meijer, Fabian Vuik, Manager Logistics

“LC Packaging has set itself the goal to reduce the GHG emissions in its value chain by 50% by 2030. In terms of transportation, we aim to achieve this goal by optimising our own business processes, by making sustainable shipping choices and by fostering collaboration with peers to accelerate the move to more sustainable shipping solutions.”

LC Packaging, Abhishek Kumar, Supply Chain Manager

We at Corbion exist to champion preservation in all its forms, preserving food and food production, health, and our planet. It’s about empowering one another, and the world, to do more with less. This fits the BICEPS Network. Even Ocean Freight is only 1% of our total Co2 emission, we still want to work on this 1%.”

Corbion, Simon Man, Procurement Category Manager

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